Mango mango everything: dessert.oasis


“Ok, ok, let me pitch you a surefire, lucrative business plan Maybe let’s open a tiny cafe tucked away on the second floor of a hectic outdoor mall area and we’ll only serve desserts made with mango and also some drinks. We will be rolling in the dough as long as customers can find us and also they happen to like mango!” or dessert.oasis

And yet, that is exactly what Mango Mango Dessert did, and it worked, and it was comfortably crowded with mango lovers, and I gave them all my money ($32.18).

To be fair, they DO have some menu items without mango and instead with durian or matcha or chocolate, but frankly if you’re going to a place called Mango Mango, what are you doing if you’re not ordering mango?

I personally, will have one of everything mango. Even my tasting companion who was duped into thinking we were going out for ice cream as in “a scoop of strawberry with sprinkles,” happily gobbled up her no-choice-in-the-order mango ice cream. How could she not? A big scoop of mango ice cream swimming in a bowl of mango juice topped with sago and fresh mango chunks def beats some old turtle sundae.

Oh, but we’re just getting started! Let’s also have mango pancakes aka fresh slices of mango topped with fresh whipped cream and wrapped ever so delicately in the thinnest of thin mango crepes:

And then let’s also get the mango mochi dusted in fine coconut and so addictingly chewy that it won’t even bother you that the fresh mango purée looks a little x-rated/pukey.

Last, but not least, we’ll need dessert. The mango dessert.oasis mille crepe cake will do nicely. Did I mention it will be layer after layer of mango crepes/mango mousse/mango crepes/mango mousse for ever and ever and it’ll be doused with fresh mango sauce and garnished with more chunks of fresh mango? Oh yes, it will.

Each of them so different in texture and really so different in flavor, too, even though the flavor is, did I mention?, mango. Never too sweet, always super refreshingly fresh. All best consumed on the premises ASAP, since – in keeping with Mother Mango – much like an overripe or underripe mango, a sat-out-your-car-and-then-put-in-the-fridge-overnight mango is just incredible.