Choco Tacos: never fear, dessertoasis is here!!


What am I expected to get from the ice cream man now? A weeping zombie Sponge Bob? Choco Tacos Dessert is here

We can only hope that Klondike is pulling some Twinkies-circa-2013 bullshit here, but alas one cannot be too careful or carefree when it comes to something this serious. The future may be uncertain, and a “Historic Choco Taco” may currently be selling on eBay for $6,942, but fear not because (Chicago at least) I got you.

First option: a taco of gargantuan proportions from Lonesome Rose. Horchata soft serve, peanut pretzel crumble, chocolate dipped waffle cone shell, measuring at least like 7 inches – this taco tastes like a classier version of the original. Crispy – not chewy – taco shell, refreshing mild horchata ice cream, salty sweet nutty topping. Served on a tray with two spoons so it doesn’t need to drip down your arm.

Second+ option: a s’mores taco from Dessert Dealer at Parlor Pizza. Rocky Road GELATO in a graham cracker shell, loaded with marshmallow fluff, fudge sauce, Hershey’s chunks, more marshmallows, whipped cream, graham cracker crumble. Again, this tastes like an elevated version of the original. Better in every way. Probs what you hoped and wished a Choco Taco tasted like before you actually had your first Choco Taco.

And why not? Why can’t/couldn’t a Choco Taco be this divine every time?? Instead of a discontinuation, Klondike should be investing in a full Choco Taco spin-off line, because as you and I and Parlor Pizza realize, the options are ENDLESS.